Chuck E. Cheese!

Chuck E. Cheese’s donates 15% of the sales generated from this event to your child’s school!  Friends and family are encouraged to help support this event.

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Chuck-E-Cheese Flyer

Sam’s Club
Is giving away 500,000 e-boxtops. Members can earn 5 ebox tops when they shop at Sam’s Club until the 500,000 are gone. Earn 5 ebox tops by following the simple steps.

1) Purchase any products at Sam’s Club and save your receipt

2) Log in or register at and enter the code found at the bottom of your Sam’s receipt

3) Answer a few survey questions and earn 5 ebox tops for the school of your choice.

Labels and Box Tops for Education
Box Tops are a quick and easy way to raise money for the school. Box tops are on many products made by General Mills that you use everyday: Cereal, Kleenex, Cottonelle bathroom tissue (labels are on the plastic wrapper), Betty Crocker products and many others, so check the packaging before you throw it away. Please trim the box tops down so they are neat and be sure they are not expired. You can turn them in by simply sending them to school with your child and having them turn them in to the teacher. We raise several hundred dollars a year on these so they do add up!

Paper Recycling
Many of you may have noticed the green dumpster next to the school. Bring all your old magazines, newspapers, phone books and other paper products and dump them in the dumpster. The school is paid by the ton for the paper so this is one of the easiest ways to help raise money and be “Eco” friendly at the same time.

Fast Food Benefit Nights
Throughout the school year several different restaurant will have a benefit night for Landmark School. All you need to do is go and enjoy a meal! When you order just state you are with Landmark School and a percentage of your purchase will go to the school. These benefit nights are usually around the time of a school event such as “Celebration of Learning”.

Searching for Dollars:
Every time you search the Internet using GOODSEARCH.COM Landmark School earns money towards our school’s programs. Just enter the Landmark School name in the “charity” box, verify that you’re choosing Landmark School (McHenry, IL) and earn one cent every time you search!

Landmark Shopper
Welcome to the Landmark Shopper. A program designed to raise money for our school without asking you to buy anything you wouldn’t normally buy! You simply buy gift cards for stores, restaurants, gas stations, airlines, hotel, and other places you would normally shop. These gift cards are dollar for dollar and the participating merchants donate a percentage back to our school. For example, if you normally buy $100.00 in groceries at Jewel per week, you could buy $100.00 worth of Jewel gift cards from Landmark Shopper every week. Landmark would get 4% of that total, or $4.00. If fifty families at Landmark did only this, our LCO would make $10,000.00 in one year.
If you have any questions about the Landmark Shopper program please call the current Treasurer.
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Meijer Rewards
Earn Money for Landmark by doing what you would anyway – Shop!
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